The misadventures of Commander Merlin and the crew of RV-103
Saturday June 23rd 2018

03-04-10 Did We Go To The Casino?

Gypsy and I enjoy going to the casinos to have an evening out and maybe win some money.  We aren’t big gamblers by a long shot.  We would usually play the nickel and quarter slots.  Monopoly is our favorite slot machine.  We have gotten pretty good at making $50 last for 3-4 hours and many times walk out with that same $50.  Not too bad if you think about it.  Free drinks and low cost food and still have our money in our pocket.

We thought we would spend the evening today doing our casino thing.  We had never been to any casinos in California before and were looking forward to checking them out.  We went to a nearby one called Red Hawk Casino just outside of Sacramento.

I have to say that Gypsy and I found the staff at Red Hawk one of the friendliest and polite staffs we had ever encountered at a casino.  We were greeted and wished luck by every staff member we encountered which seemed to occur about every ten steps we took.  The place was clean and surprisingly the volume and din of the slot machines were actually low.   Most casinos you go to, you have to shout at each other over the bells and such just to be heard.  This place was like a quiet church service compared to other places.

We found our favorite Monopoly game and it was just a 2 cent game!  Two machines were vacant and we planted ourselves down to enjoy the game for the next few hours.  With low price games like this, you can choose how many twisted and convoluted lines you want covered.  Example, on this game, I could choose to have 9 different lines covered and it would only cost me 18 cents per play.  I actually started out covering 20 lines and was paying 40 cents per play.

Right away I found something about this machine I didn’t like.  You would spin and one of the lines would be a “winner.”  It would cost me 40 cents for that play and that one line would win me 30 cents.  Hmmm….doesn’t that mean I still lost 10 cents?  Yep, my total showing on the machine verified it.  So, you begin to wonder if the machine is thinking about running for Congress or President.  Those are the only ones I know that would tell you that a negative was a positive and say it with a straight face.

Anyway, as I said before, we had settled down to play for 3-4 hours like we always had in the past.  In just 45 minutes I realized our $100 we brought to gamble, drink, and eat with was already gone and it had all went into the bowels of those infernal 2 cent machines.  We were broke!  What else was there to do but to leave?

As we went out the door, the friendly staff wished us a great evening acting as though it was the norm for their customers to stay for such a short time.  We walked out to our car, got in, and then looked at each other in surprised confusion and asked each other at the same time, “Did we go to the casino?”

It would have been cheaper if we had stayed home, ordered pizza, and watched a movie.  Sheesh!

Brother can you spare a dime? I just came back from Red Hawk Casino.

Next up…Wii!!

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